Join LINK and Serve Others


Organizations and individuals with a commitment to serving others and meeting LINK's mission may seek to join LINK.

LINK welcomes full members and associate members – these two types of memberships have different requirements and benefits. Membership requirements and responsibilities are outlined below.

LINK Full Membership Requirements and Responsibilities

A Full Member of LINK is an organization that is actively willing and able to:

He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.
Proverbs 22:9

  1. Provide at least one volunteer who will represent the organization at all board meetings, serve as LINK's contact at the organization, and commit the organization to supporting LINK's missions and functions.
  2. Provide and coordinate volunteers to deliver food for LINK during one designated month per year.
  3. Collect and supply food to the LINK pantry during one designated month per year, and possibly during occasional critical food shortages.
  4. Host a LINK board meeting during one designated month per year.
  5. Provide and coordinate volunteers for a Holiday Basket program and/or host a Holiday Basket program.
  6. Provide financial support for LINK.
  7. Publicize LINK progroms.

The LINK Board is composed of one volunteer representative from each Full Member organization, elected Officers, and appointed Mission Coordinators. Each Full Member, each Officer, and each Mission Coordinator have one vote on board decisions.

LINK Associate Membership

Associate membership is available for individuals and organizations that wish to support LINK through volunteerism and other contributions, but cannot meet the requirements of full membership. Associate members may attend LINK board meetings, but may only vote if the individual or the representative of the organization serves as an Officer or Mission Coordinator.

If you share our compassion for those in need , please visit our sign up Genius Page to see a complete list of of events and opportunities